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Handy Hints

Some Handy Hints


Setting the goals in terms of where you want to live, and what you want to spend is the first step. It is imperative to establish exactly where you stand financially, as you will need to know what you will be able to afford to pay back your mortgage each month. Put together a budget and be disciplined, but also, be realistic.


We will sit down when it’s suitable for you, in the comfort of your own home; and discuss your needs. By now you’ll have a ball park idea of what you can spend, but we will go over that process in some more detail, and then, we will go loan shopping. How fun!


Having worked in the real estate industry for over 20 years, I know some fantastic agents all around Melbourne. I can certainly assist you in choosing a great agent.

• Sign up on realestate.com.au for regular Newly Listed Property Alerts in the area and price range you are shopping in;

• Speak to a real estate agent about your needs, not negotiables; and price. They will be sure to let you know as soon as something comes on the market;

• Visit Open Homes with a checklist! You will undoubtedly be seeing a lot of property over a weekend, and let me tell you, you will forget things about a property and get confused. 

• Pre-Approval is going to give you some more power when negotiating on price, and also allow you to move quickly should you find your dream home sooner than you’d expected! That can happen very easily.


You’ve found your home! Congratulations. Now for some serious stuff. It’s time to get a Building & Pest Inspection. You don’t want to be moving in to your new home only to discover rising damp, termites or faulty electrical work or plumbing. I can recommend a Building Inspector for your convenience should you not have one in mind.


If you love the home, then make a serious offer. It is likely prices can be bargained down a few thousand dollars, but be careful not to miss out to another interested party over $5,000. In the big scheme of things, it equates to no more than a chocolate bar once a week. Now is the time to get yourself a good Solicitor or Conveyancer. They will oversee the contracts before you sign to ensure everything is ok to proceed. I can also assist you with choosing your Conveyancer, I have two that I highly recommend. Click Here for their details.


This is where we all tie in together for a smooth and easy sale to settlement. Everyone is invited to the party and each of us will play a part.

• You … Happy New Home Owner

• Me….your Broker

• The Lender

• Your Conveyancer

• Real Estate Agent

We will work together to finalise your paperwork with the Lender and loan documents will need to be signed, you will need to provide your conveyancer sale documentation so that they can be in touch with the Vendor’s legal representative and start their process. I will walk you through every step of the way. It sounds more complicated than it actually is.


Make sure that you do a ‘final inspection’ of the property a day before settlement. I will send you a friendly reminder so you don’t forget. The purpose for this is to ensure the property is in the same condition as when you initially purchased.


It’s always a good idea for you to confirm the date and time of settlement with your Conveyancer well in advance. They should provide you with a settlement statement shortly before settlement that will outline any balances of monies owing, and what they are for. It may seem all a bit "last minute" and a bit of a rush, but unfortunately due to them waiting on information from third parties, it is sometimes difficult for them to get it to you any sooner.

It’s time to think about getting your connections arranged, electricity, gas, Foxtel; it’s time to think about removalists and getting your mail re-directed and letting everyone know your new address…..SO MUCH TO DO!   I can put you in contact with a company that will handle this for you. It’s definitely worth looking in to. Click here for further details.


It’s an opportune time to review your current insurance needs and current cover. You will need to have arranged building insurance prior to settlement, so why not do a bit of an audit on what you are currently paying; and what cover you need. Have you got enough to cover your contents? Do you have landlord insurance on your investment property? I can assist you once again with this process.


Settlement has gone through. You’re Conveyancer has called with the good news! Your friendly Real Estate Agent has met with you and handed you the keys!  BEST OF LUCK WITH THE MOVE AND CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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