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Time to update the car?

New CarIf so, don't fall in to the trap of shopping on the weekend, falling in love with your bright and shiny, new smelling car, and then heading straight into the dealership for finance.  It's a mistake a lot of people make. A new car is an emotional purchase more often than not.

You really need to be educated before you take the plunge. Is the interest rate more important than the sale price of the car, or more important than your repayment figure? These are questions you should ask yourself before you purchase. What structure will the purchase be made under? Hire Purchase, Lease or Chattel Mortgage? Have you asked your Accountant?  Getting pre-approval of your finance does give you more confidence when negotiating the sale price.  Call me today and we can get that organised for you.


Equipment & Commercial Finance

Whether you are looking at office, retail or industrial space or you are looking at a specialist property, financing commercial property requires tailored lending for your circumstances. This is also the case if you are seeking funding for capital asset investment in your business.

Commercial finance includes a series of finance instruments to best meet your needs including commercial bills, overdraft accounts, term loans, hire purchase/leasing finance, chattel loans and development funding.

There are many traps in commercial and asset finance, as unlike a residential home loan, lenders tend to assess each loan on its own merits and look at all aspects of the loan. Following this, they will determine their interest rates according to their perceived risk leading to potentially enormous differences between lenders.

For this reason, I can look at identifying which lenders will best suit your requirements and also negotiate the interest rates and fee structure